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Since 1999, we have been committed to providing the highest level of service and support to all of our clients:  our Support Desk Team, Onsite Engineers, Design Architects and Business Development Managers are all here to assist you with your IT needs.


Considering outsourcing part, or all, of your ICT Infrastructure?  We have a managed service solution for your organisation. LettsManage Infrastructure offers a full suite of managed service components that is tailored to suit your business needs. From needing additional support to assist your IT Department to manage servers or personal systems through to completely outsourcing your entire IT function, here are just some of the ways in which we can assist:

• supply and support of all types of ICT devices from personal systems, printers, networks to servers
• off-site data centre and equipment hosting
• disaster recovery hosting
• web hosting
• data carrier provisioning and management.

Lettscom simply becomes an extension of your team.


Fully tailored break/fix service with service levels and response times to suit your business needs and budget.

We can assist with your users’ queries with our service desk facilities, including:

• incident logging, tracking and resolution capabilities
• timely and efficient responses.


Our integrated monitoring enables faster support and maximum availability of your systems, highlighting problems before they arise. Our LettsMonitor service is 24/7, constantly monitoring the health of your IT infrastructure. When an alert is triggered and potential performance is hindered, our technicians can resolve the issue before it escalates into downtime, data loss or an expensive repair.


We can check and advise how your organisation's core IT infrastructure can be:

  • more secure, well-managed and dynamic to help reduce overall IT costs
  • improved to make better use of IT resources
  • optimised to make your IT infrastructure a strategic asset to your business.

With a detailed ICT assessment of your infrastructure, we can map where you are today and where you will need to be tomorrow. We do this by first assessing what you have and then planning what your systems need to look like in the future.

Our recommendations are based on experience and proven methodology with a vast range of clients. This eases your concerns and ensures your business is always up and running, and has a responsive and reliable infrastructure.


The LettsMaintain service is designed to increase the stability of your network and decrease downtime by ensuring that your network is fully up-to-date with all critical security updates to the system critical programs running your network.

It also helps to keep you informed of any large email usage patterns arising from individual users ,as well as monitoring your company’s overall usage.