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Since 1999, we’ve seen the following problems affect our clients in a number of ways.


Do You Have A Strategic Plan?

Where does IT sit in your business strategy?

  • Do you know which IT issues to prioritise?
  • Do you know what technology options are available?
  • Do you understand the security and business risks?
  • Do you spend too much time researching possible solutions to problems?

If you answered yes to several of these points we can help you build a strategic plan for your business. We can help you get more out of your IT investment. If you’re a growing business, IT may be slowing you down – rather than helping you grow faster.


Ageing infrastructure


Many businesses persist with creaking infrastructure for way too long. Are you?


If you leave aging infrastructure in place:

  • Your staff spend way too much time sorting out computer issues, instead of doing their real job.
  • You put yourself at risk of lost (or stolen) data.
  • Your servers will run out of room.
  • You’ll be unable to add new staff (due to lack of capacity).
  • Your systems will continue to slow down.
  • Your systems will eventually fail altogether.

You need to know when to invest in IT infrastructure, so that you can increase stability, productivity, security, and business growth.


We can work with you to identify what you need now, and what you will need in the future, so that you can confidently build the technology backbone that your business needs.

Do you have the wrong people on the job?


Many businesses simply have the wrong people looking after their IT environment – whether in-house or external. Do you?


If you put the wrong people on the job:

  • Your key non-IT resources will be distracted by IT.
  • Your in-house IT resources will be stretched.
  • You’ll fail to attract and retain new IT talent.
  • Your IT resources will be expensive – but not strategic enough.
  • Your IT resources might be okay – but weak on specifics.

Every minute you spend working on IT, is a minute you don’t spend growing your core business. Lettscom can offer a complete IT solution to ensure that you never have to worry about IT again.

Are you sick of your IT resources pointing fingers and ducking for cover?

If your resources lack accountability:
•   You may not be compliant
•   You lack visibility
•   You suffer due to poor prioritisation
•   You suffer due to poor processes
•   You get a poor return on your IT investment

You need an IT approach that offers complete accountability. Our complete IT solution ensures that once an issue is logged on our helpdesk, we are accountable. It’s that simple.

Our ticketing system gives you visibility of where each issue is up to, and our dedication to superior service ensures that results are delivered in a timely manner.

Infrastructure refresh


Stop putting up with aging infrastructure!

The cost to your bottom line of loss of productivity, frustrated staff, crippled work flow and poor work practices, is just not worth it.

Today, computers are relatively cheap when compared to other business expenses such as salaries, sick leave, recruitment and training. So, it is worth giving your staff the productivity tools they need to do their work efficiently and stress free.

We can assist with all levels of infrastructure, from PCs and mobile devices through to servers and complex networks. We can also help you decide when, how and what to move into the cloud.

If you need equipment or design advice, please call us.

Backup and Security


Your business is dependent on data. In fact, all businesses are – even small, simple businesses start with financial records and extend from there.

Gone are the days when a business with staff could survive without records on computers. Many of those records need to be kept private in line with Privacy Standards, so it is essential that those records are not inadvertently exposed to the internet or to other internal staff.

If records are kept on a computer, they are always at risk of total loss should the computer hardware they reside on be lost. It is therefore essential that your business keeps a significant level of duplicate data in an off-site, secure location.

Today, there are a number of ways to achieve this with various levels of automation and at a variety of price points. If you want to know more about how we can lock down your loose ends or protect your valuable data, please contact us.