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Integration is Our Business


Our collaborations with our Service and Product partners help our clients with a total end-to-end solution.


Close ties with our partners mean that we can provide a total end to end solution.


As a network integration specialist we spend a large proportion of our time making sure that all of our clients’ ICT needs are met.

Lettscom can manage large, complex ICT solutions with their partners. By providing a single point of contact, clients can benefit from the expertise of many specialists in their various fields to achieve all of your ICT needs.

Our Technology Partners include cabling, photocopiers, phone systems, ISP and many more.


We can introduce you to our partners and even co-ordinate the installation and integration of these and many other technologies into your systems. By providing a single point of contact over a wide range of complex technologies, specialist partners and client requirements ensures a successful project - on time, on budget.