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Our Response to COVID-19


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Lettscom’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic reflects advice sourced from various government entities, including, but not limited to, the Australian Department of Health, the South Australian Department of Health and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), together with the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Lettscom’s response remains fluid by necessity to provide the flexibility required to effectively respond to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our Team


Quarantine + Isolation


Lettscom’s advice to our team members reflects guidelines from the Australian Department of Health, including prohibiting attendance at work in the following scenarios:

  • returned from overseas
    → 14-day self-quarantine → no COVID-19 symptoms → return to work
  • been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus
    → 14-day self-quarantine → no COVID-19 symptoms → return to work
  • tested positive to COVID-19 → officially isolated
    → not permitted to return to work until tested negative to COVID-19 + medical clearance.

Further, Lettscom’s team members will be seeking medical assessment in the event of developing COVID-19 symptoms.  (Inhouse facilities are also accessible to all team members, including temperature monitoring and official online symptom checker tools.)



  • Lettscom issues hand sanitisers to each team member for both inhouse and onsite purposes, with a supply also located on our reception desk for visitors.
  • We also actively encourage our team and visitors to adopt recommended handwashing and general hygiene practices.



Lettscom has:

  • ceased all international business travel; and
  • limited all domestic business travel to essential travel only.

Embedded Services

  • Where Lettscom team members perform onsite embedded services (eg helpdesk support), and who are therefore at potential risk of increased viral exposure, Lettscom will request a copy of the client’s own COVID-19 Response documentation to determine whether appropriate measures have been implemented.

Reference Resources

  • COVID-19 reference resources and internal communication are easily accessible by our team members via a dedicated intranet-based facility.

Business Continuity




We aim to ensure:

  • the safety of our people, our clients, our visitors and our providers; and
  • the continued provision of key client services and operations.

Monitor | Review | Manage

  • Lettscom’s Continuous Improvement Committee monitors, reviews and manages our response to the evolving COVID-19 situation on an ongoing basis – including sourcing timely status updates via:

Australian Department of Health - COVID-19


  • We have no planned shutdown periods or office closures.

Working Remotely

  • As Lettscom is approximately 90% cloud converted, Lettscom team members are able to access our services and documentation to work remotely to support our clients and partners from satellite locations.
  • Remote phone connectivity is retained for all technical, sales and administrative support.
  • Onsite work requests will be assessed on an individual basis and following consultation with our client, will be undertaken remotely, wherever possible.

IAAS Facility

  • Lettscom has inducted further team members with authorised access to its IAAS facility to ensure enhanced access redundancy.




  • has proactively highlighted the COVID-19 impact on the global supply change via direct email communication to each of its clients; and
  • will provide current and specific supply timeframe advice on order placement.


Please contact us should you have any queries or require further information regarding Lettscom’s response to COVID-19: