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Cloud Managed Services Provider


Microsoft defines a cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP) as:


"... someone who helps their customer transition to (and embrace) this cloud computing paradigm shift in technology - by guiding them in all aspects of their cloud journey.  From consulting to migrations, to operations management, cloud MSPs show customers all the benefits that come with cloud adoption."


As a Microsoft cloud MSP, Lettscom engineers enjoy having their heads stuck in the cloud!



Key Benefits of Engaging a Specialist Microsoft MSP

  •   Microsoft Azure opportunities assessment
  •   Drive your migration
  •   Cost reductions
  •   Consolidated management and billing
  •   Support when needed
  •   Proactive, real-time monitoring
  •   Regular, detailed reporting


Microsoft Azure (the Microsoft cloud)


Microsoft Azure is a dynamic collection of cloud-based computing solutions (eg servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence):  'cloud-based' simply refers to solution delivery over the internet.  


Generally only paying for the cloud services used, Microsoft Azure provides faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale:  its inbuilt scaleability matches your business needs.


Key Business Deliverables of Microsoft Azure

  •   Secure access to applications and data from anywhere

  •   Cost control

  •   On demand scaleability

  •   Next level disaster recovery and backup

  •   Security focus

  •   Cloud transition at your speed

  •   Future technology foundation

Key Core Features & Functionality of Microsoft Azure

  •   Easy creation of virtual machines

  •   Supports remote work with Windows Virtual Desktop

  •   Application deployment

  •   Backup

  •   Storage

  •   Application insights

  •   DevOps tools

  •   Cognitive Services